Natural disasters are a constant threat affecting the Caribbean basin. Preparedness for hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions have been an important priority for both governments and private institutions.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria were a “wake up call” to all in terms of our preparedness when it comes to telecommunications.

The two storms destroyed the existing communications infrastructure that predominantly relies on fiber-optic cables or terrestrial wireless that make use of electric power poles and the ones placed underground, or towers that could be impacted by strong winds. Terrestrial communications infrastructure is linear in nature, so a single break can isolate entire communities miles away from the problem. There was no plan B. Satellite technology has been phased out and decommissioned for the most part.

Preparation & Response Centers

CPR board understood that emergency preparedness and response plan for disasters in Puerto Rico, needed to include different centers in different sectors of the community. We call these centers Digital Communications Centers / Community Hubs (DCC)


CPR can deploy and operate eight digital communications centers in Puerto Rico linking disaster-affected communities with the world. These centers will interconnect through resilient satellite and wireless broadband infrastructure.

Collaboration with the Diaspora

CPR have registered and already operates in the States of New York and Connecticut. It has been invited to consider operating in other states. PR's board of directors include half of its members, those that work with the Diaspora

Common Conditions in the Caribbean

Volcanic Eruptions

Help Make it Possible

When you donate to Caribbean Preparedness and Response, you're helping establish, maintain and operate Digital Communications Centers / Community Hubs (DCC) in critical sectors of the community in order to assist in the disaster recovery process and response efforts, and can strengthen preparedness for future emergencies.

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Your contributions will allow everyone in the communities to access the resources for the recovery and restoration of social, economic and governmental services.

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